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Koskie Minsky LLP

Koskie Minsky LLP

Schedule 1 Institutions


Koskie Minsky LLP has initiated lawsuits against the Province of Ontario on behalf of survivors of sixteen provincially operated residential institutions for persons with developmental disabilities. The court must still decide whether these lawsuit can become class actions. There will be a court hearing to decide whether class actions can proceed.

The institutions that are sought to be included in the class action are below:

  • Pine Ridge, Aurora;
  • St. Lawrence Regional Centre, Brockville;
  • D’Arcy Place, Cobourg;
  • Adult Occupational Centre, Edgar;
  • Bluewater Centre, Goderich;
  • Muskoka Centre, Gravenhurst; CPRI, London;
  • Midwestern Regional Centre, Palmerson;
  • Prince Edward Heights, Picton;
  • St. Thomas Adult Rehabilitation and Training Centre;
  • Northwestern Regional Centre, Thunder Bay;
  • Surry Place Centre, Toronto;
  • Durham Centre for the Developmentally Handicapped, Whitby;
  • Oxford Regional Centre, Woodstock; 
  • The Nipissing Regional Centre, North Bay; and
  • L.S. Penrose Centre, Kingston.

    (the “Facilities”)
The proposed members of the class are:
i.all persons who resided at any of the Facilities between September 1, 1963 and the closure of the Facilities who were alive as of June 16, 2012; and
ii.all parents, spouses, children and siblings of persons who resided at any of the Facilities between March 31, 1978 and their closure, and who were alive as of June 16, 2012.

Please contact Koskie Minsky LLP if you were a resident of any of these facilities, or you know any former residents.


Tollfree: 1-888-723-4304



Latest Developments

November 18, 2014

The Class Proceedings Fund has approved funding in this class action. 

August 26, 2014

The parties have set a schedule to the hearing when the court will decide if this case should be a class action. To view the schedule, click here. The next event is that the crown can submit responding material as to why this case should not be a class action by January 31, 2015. 

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